Rider - Candy for .NET

Rider is new .NET IDE from Jetbrains. Jetbrains is the organization behind popular Visual Studio add-in ReSharper and Web IDE WebStorm, so own .NET IDE was kind of long waited product. .NET-community is used Visual Studio from dawn, but I think the time is ready for new IDE options also. Rider is currently in closed beta and can be optained only by invitation, but there is very good reason for that.

First launch

When Rider is launched first time it asks series of questions like "Do you want to use white or dark theme?" and "Do you want to use Visual Studio, Resharper or IntelJ key bindings". Settings can be changed later from File > Settings menu.

Main view

First impression

If I had to describe Rider UI with three words. Those would be: Menu, colorful and common. UI is more simpler than Visual Studio, however when first menu is opened from top menu, or when right click is used, the feeling changes quickly towards complexity of Visual Studio. Right click menus have lots of options and top menu is filled with tools and settings.

Visual Studio like menus
Default coloring differs from Visual Studio quite a bit. For example variables are colored in pink (in dark theme goddamn!) and method names are bright cyan. Very lively for dark theme. Coloring reminds me about the first appearance of Windows XP (oh the candy).

Lively and lovely

Feature rich

Rider has impressive amount of features, which mostly are familiar from Visual Studio.
For example actions can contain multiple key bindings, new items can be added simply by right clicking over folder and there are even VCS tools integrated into IDE.


Why there has to be always a but...
Rider is still in beta, which means that it still lacks critical features. For example there is no way to add references, debug .NET code (IIS/WPF/UWP) or run unit tests. These are features which must be implemented well, before Visual Studio can be overthrown from throne.

No summary support


Rider has lots of good features which makes it unique as it tries to stand-up from the shadows of Visual Studio. Like when folders are opened in solution tree, if the sub folders contains only one item, they are automatically opened. Rider also contains ReSharper features like "Find Symbol", which is now called Search Everywhere. Ctrl+Shit+Up/Down moves the whole code block up and down in logical level and so on.


Rider is not ready. It's not even close to ready, but it's on a good route! However there are black clouds hanging over its bright future. Visual Studio Code is surely bringing support for C#. One could say that Visual Studio Code doesn't have all the features that Rider has,  but then we step into Visual Studios territory. Rider has to find it's own place between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. That's not an easy task. Few key features in Rider may raise it into a new level, where it will be noticed. Features like good multi-monitor support and integrated CI tools (for TeamCity).

Project Rider web site

The best way to predict the future is to implement it.

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