Current state of .NET

In recent months Microsoft has announced dozens of new versions and names into it's development ecosystem. For a regular developer it's hard to keep track of all these announcements. That's why I made a short list of current state of .NET versions.


Latest .NET version is 4.6.1. Windows 10 has 4.6 pre-installed, and 4.6.1 after November update. There is a beta version of .NET 5 and its called .NET Core 5.


ASP.NET versioning is a mess. Latest ASP.NET version is a 4.6 which was released in July 20. There is a new version "5.0", which is in beta. ASP.NET 5.0 is also now called as ASP.NET CORE 1.0.

Check ASP.NET Core roadmap for more info about release date


Current ASP.NET MVC version is 5.2.3 and there is a release candidate for 6.0.  The MVC version consist the view-model-controller pattern implementation.


Current ASP.NET Web Api version is 2.2.

ASP.NET Core will simplify Web Api and MVC versioning by bringing them all under one version number.


C# is currently running at version 6.0 and there is a proposal for version 7.0.
Latest VB.NET version is called 14 and it was released along with Visual Studio 2015.

Table of versions

Product Current version Upcoming version
ASP.NET4.6Core 1.0
MVC5.2.36.0?/Core 1.0
Web API2.2 (5.2.3.)?/Core 1.0

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