Visual Studio Sublime... I mean Code.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (released in April 29 2015) is a new text editor from Microsoft. Code is a light weight text editor for web development and scripting.

It has been well known that Visual Studio has way too much overhead for web development which nowadays uses gulp/grunt to execute build tasks and jspm/bower to fetch packages. You don't need solutions, projects and server explorers to develop a web site. All you need is a good text editor and console.

Code is here to set us free from Visual Studio overhead

Visual Studio Code doesn't have Server Explorers or project templates. It doesn't event know how to do the .NET project file. However it knows few tricks which helps in scripting.

Codes default color theme is a dark and well balanced. Syntax highlighting works nicely with HTML, Javascript, Typescript and so forth. Code has also intellisense for HTML, Javascript, TypeScript, C#, JSON packages and so on.

Visual Studio Code UI

 Main Window has four different sections
1) Menubar at top (like all windows app do!)
2) File/Search/Git/Debug selections at left
3) File listing at left
4) Main area at right

Code doesn't support tabs, which seems a bit weird at first. However user can split right pane into multiple different panes:

I'm used to editors with tabs, but for some weird reason I don't miss tabs at Code.
Code has "working files" section which contains all the files that are "opened". It also shows saving status with circle symbol next to filename.

Unsaved changes can be easily reverted by right clicking file and selecting "Revert File".

Latest version of Code included extension support. Now developers can write their own extensions for Code and this is all open source (like the Code itself!)

Extensions are accessed with Codes command palette. Command palette is opened by pressing F1 (this feature is actually one of the most important ones in Code). Extensions are installed easily by just typing ext install (extension name). All the available extensions are listed in Visual Studio Marketplace

For full feature list of Code, see this page Visual Studio Code Documents

The best way to predict the future is to implement it.

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