Three levels of technical interests

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Today I was listening a MVVM episode from .NET Rocks! When I was listening the show I got an idea of categorizing people into three technical levels. 

First Tier - I

First Tier is dedicated to people who breathes technology. These folks surfs internet all the time, searching for a new technical stuff. They are very excited about new technologies, but don't really spent time to master any. They build their opinion about tech stuff very quickly and their mind cannot be turned after they decide, if a certain tech stuff is good or bad.

Second Tier - II

Second Tier doesn't spend LOT of time on internet searching for technology news, but they still are interested from technology. They master a few technology areas and like to stay there. Sometimes they try new stuff and compare it against technologies they master. 

Third Tier - III

This is last tier. It doesn't mean that they are any worse than others, they just live a different kind of life. They aren't interested from technology at all or they just like to hear tech news from their friend. They don't spend time on internet trying to search for technology news or new gadgets. Sometimes they might buy a latest tech gadget, but don't get excited about it.

The best way to predict the future is to implement it.

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